AccuSense Bead


AccuSense Bead

The AccuSenseBead consists of superparamagnetic beads that purify the DNA/RNA and uses its affinity to make it bind to the magnetic beads. The purified DNA/RNA is suitable for immediate use in NGS, PCR, genotyping, etc. The DNA/RNA that has been purified by the magnetic beads do not require centrifugation, vacuum, or filtration which allows for quicker DNA/RNA separation compared to the standard procedure.
Cat : 5 ml : ACN 02.05 / 50 ml : ACN 02.50
For rapid and simple extraction of DNA/RNA from the sample

Product Highlights

  • Safe

    No organic solvents make it safe to use
  • Easy & Fast

    Easy and quick DNA/RNA separation and purification
  • Efficient

    Highly concentrated DNA/RNA recovery
  • Cost-effective

    Cost-effective and high quality compared to competitors
  • High Accuracy & Reproducibility

    Precise and reproducible results are comprised of consistent particle size for academic and clinical research use

HiAccuBead Experimental Procedure

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  • STEP 04

    Washing x2

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