AccuViral Collection Kit

AccuCollection Kit

AccuViral Collection Kit

The AccuViral Collection Kit is a collection kit that is used to simultaneously collect both nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal samples and safely transport the collected samples. This kit is designed for extracting the highest quality nucleic acid from the samples and the sample stability is preserved for both transportation and long-term storage.
Cat : ACN M61.01
All-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, and transportation of nucleic acid from nasal and oral samples
  • Preservation Buffer Volume

    2 ml
  • Attributes

    Nasal, Oral
  • Format

    Invasive collection
  • Expiry Date

    1 Year
  • RNA Yield

    ≤ 5 µg
  • Molecular Weight

    > 23 kb

Product Highlights

  • Convenience

    Applicable for nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sample collection and allows convenient sample storage and transportation
  • Accuracy

    Stable and precise results obtained from two types of samples
  • Stable

    Stable sample preservation and transportation
  • Compact

    Optimal swab type for sample collection
  • Compatibility

    Compatible with various nucleic acid extraction kits

User Guide

  • STEP 01

    Open the nasopharyngeal swab carefully making sure not to touch or contaminate the swab tip. Insert the swab into the nasopharynx and collect the sample.

  • STEP 02

    Break the nasopharyngeal swab tip into the collection tube.

  • STEP 03

    Open the oropharyngeal swab carefully making sure not to touch or contaminate the swab tip. Insert the swab into the oropharynx and collect the sample.

  • STEP 04

    Break the oropharyngeal swab tip into the collection tube.

  • STEP 05

    Seal the collection tube with the two swab tips securely making sure there is no leakage.


  • 1

    Do not use expired kits.
  • 2

    Do not use kits with UTM that do not have a clear pinkish hue.
  • 3

    Do not use kits that are damaged or have been opened.
  • 4

    Do not use kits that are leaking or show signs of leakage.
  • 5

    Do not use kits that contain foreign substances.
  • 6

    Do not use kits that have abnormalities other than 1~5.
  • 7

    Read instructions carefully and thoroughly before use.
  • 8

    Use the kit immediately upon opening.
  • 9

    Do not consume the UTM.
  • 10

    If the UTM comes in contact with eyes or skin, wash the area thoroughly with water.
  • 11

    Do not use excessive force when collecting samples.
  • 12

    Be careful to avoid contaminating the swabs when opening and using them.
  • 13

    All clinical samples pose risk of infection and safety gear must be used during sample collection.
  • 14

    Treat all samples and equipment used for collection as potential sources of infection.
  • 15

    Properly dispose of used kits as medical waste.
  • 16

    This is a single-use kit and cannot be reused.
  • 17

    Use this kit only for in-vitro diagnostic purposes.
  • 18

    Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • 19

    Close the lid after collecting the sample to avoid contamination and leakage.
  • 20

    Keep the collected sample refrigerated at 4°C and below.


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