AccuRNA Collection Kit

AccuCollection Kit

AccuRNA Collection Kit

The AccuRNA Collection Kit is a sample collection kit for RNA extraction. This kit is designed to preserve the RNA within the sample and allows for the extraction of high-quality RNA even when the sample is transported or in storage.
Cat : ACN 121.01
All-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, and transportation of RNA from Saliva, Stool, Bacterial Cell and etc. samples
  • Preservation Buffer Volume

    1 ml
  • Attributes

    Saliva, Stool, Bacterial Cell, etc.
  • Specimen stability at room temperature

    2 weeks
  • RNA integrity number

    RIN ≥ 7.0
  • White Label Service

Product Highlights

  • Convenience

    Easy collection, storage, and transport of RNA from sample
  • Accuracy

    Stable and accurate results
  • Stable

    Stable sample preservation and transportation possible
  • Compact

    Optimal composition for sample collection
  • Compatibility

    Compatible with various RNA extraction kits

User Guide

  • STEP 01

    Carefully open the nasal swab without contaminating the swab tip and gently collect the sample in the nasal passage.

  • STEP 02

    Break the nasal swab tip into the collection tube.

  • STEP 03

    Carefully open the oral swab without contaminating the swab tip and gently collect the sample in the buccal area.

  • STEP 04

    Break the oral swab tip into the collection tube.

  • STEP 05

    Securely close the collection tube with the two swab tips making sure there is no leakage.


  • 1

    Do not use expired products.
  • 2

    Do not use kits with preservation buffers that are discolored.
  • 3

    Do not use kits that are damaged or have been opend.
  • 4

    Do not use kits that are leaking or show signs of leakage.
  • 6

    Do not use kits that have abnormalities other than ① ~ ⑤.
  • 7

    Read instructions carefully and thoroughly before use.
  • 8

    Use the kit immediately upon opening.
  • 9

    Do not consume the preservation buffer.
  • 10

    If the preservation buffer comes in contact with eyes or skin, wash the area thoroughly with water.
  • 11

    Do not apply excessive pressure when collecting the samples.
  • 12

    Be careful and avoid contamination when opening and using the swab.
  • 13

    All clinical samples may cause infection and safety gear is required during sample collection.
  • 14

    Treat all samples and used devices as potential sources of infection.
  • 15

    Properly discard the used kit as medical waste.
  • 16

    This is a single-use kit and cannot be reused.
  • 17

    Use the kit only for in vitro diagnostics purposes.
  • 18

    Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • 19

    Once the samples are collected, close the cap to prevent contamination and leakage.
  • 20

    Store the samples at 4 ℃ or lower after collection.


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