Gut Microbiome

Unlike the genomic analysis that examines the human genome which stays fixed throughout one’s life, the microbiome analysis
reflects the microbiome status of the user at the time of sample collection taking into account variable factors such as age, diet,
hereditary diseases, and environment which is also useful for understanding the user’s microorganism levels.

Gut Microbiome

  • Microbiome Analysis

    Although it is important to reinforce probiotics by consuming fermented foods or dietary supplements, it is more important to allow good bacteria to settle and multiply in the gut with a well-balanced diet.
    The Gut Morning intestinal microbiome analysis recommends a customized diet plan based on one’s intestinal microbiome type, biological sex, and age. Discover the diet plan that works best for your gut health!
  • What is the Gut Morning intestinal
    microbiome analysis service?

    The Gut Morning intestinal microbiome analysis is performed using Next-Generation Sequencing(NGS) to identify the total number and different types of intestinal bacteria in the patient’s gut and deliver a personalized solution for gut health improvement.
    The intestinal microbiome can be categorized into three types: beneficial, harmful, and
    neutral. The changes in the distribution ratio of the three gut microbiota can have various effects on one’s health.

Gut Morning Kit Analysis Process

  • 1. Debit
  • 2. DNA extraction
  • 3. NGS(Next-Generation Sequencing)
  • 4. Bioinfomatics analysis
  • 5. Report sent through LIMS

Gut Morning Kit Advantages

  • 1. The kit features a user-friendly design for collecting stool samples.
  • 2. The intestinal microbiome analysis is conducted using an independent and universally accepted microbiome database as the standard and gut microbiome research results for the Korean ethnicity.

The Gut Morning Kit is recommended for the following people

  • 1. People struggling with obesity, chronic constipation, or diarrhea
  • 2. Long-term probiotics users who have experienced ineffective results
  • 3. People who are interested in preventing various diseases with personalized probiotics and nutrition plan
  • 4. People who are interested in learning about their gut microbiome distribution and forecasting their overall health for the future

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