Microbiome Analysis

Unlike the genomic analysis that examines the human genome which stays fixed throughout one’s life, the microbiome analysis
reflects the microbiome status of the user at the time of sample collection taking into account variable factors such as age, diet,
hereditary diseases, and environment which is also useful for understanding the user’s microorganism levels.

Microbiome Analysis

  • Microbiome Analysis

    At IomGene, we offer a comprehensive solution for microbiome analysis that includes sample collection kits, nucleic acid extraction kits, an automated DNA extraction system, and LIMS support to track analysis progress and manage results. We provide products and services that best fit your laboratory testing needs from start to finish or in certain stages throughout the process. Experience IomGene’s new microbiome analysis service today!
  • What is Microbiome Analysis B2B Service?

    Results delivered within two weeks of sample registration *TAT may change based on the sample quantity

Microbiome analysis process

  • STEP 01

    Sample Collection

  • STEP 02

    DNA Extraction

  • STEP 03

    NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing)

  • STEP 04

    Bioinformatics Analysis

  • STEP 05

    Report Delivery via LIMS

Experimental Data

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