CEO’s Message

CEO Message

Young Soon Diokno, CEO


  • Our Journey from Inception to Innovation

    Welcome to IomGene, where our commitment to advancing personalized healthcare and treatment through biotechnological innovation has been unwavering since our inception. Our journey has been marked by relentless research and development in genomic solutions, encompassing molecular diagnostic reagents, comprehensive kits, state-of-the-art equipment ,and sophisticated analysis services. This foundational work is not just our past; it's the bedrock on which we are building the future of personalized care. As a pioneering bio venture, our mission extends beyond R&D. We strive to make our groundbreaking products and services accessible on a global scale. Our collaboration with esteemed partners across South Korea and the establishment of our U.S. office signify our expanding international footprint, bringing our innovations to the U.S., Canada, and beyond.
  • Looking Ahead: Embracing the Future with Innovation

    The future at IomGene is bright and bustling with potential. Leveraging DNA/RNA analytics, we aim to harness the wealth of human genomic and microbiome data we've gathered to revolutionize diagnostic technologies. Our ambitious plans include the development of rapid, precise diagnostic tools, the discovery of treatment candidates, the identification of new beneficial microorganisms, and the pursuit of solutions for chronic diseases, including cancer, in an ever-evolving medical landscape. Rest assured, our journey does not end here. At IomGene, we are continuously driven by the quest for innovation, always looking forward to discovering the next breakthrough. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a healthier tomorrow. Thank you for your interest and support in IomGene. Together, we are shaping the future of healthcare.
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    GDX Lab Inc. 770 West Hampden Avenue Suite 125 Englewood, Colorado, 80110 United States of America
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