Personalized Bioscience for Longevity
My Journey Begins Within Me

We will be your comprehensive total solution partner
for your customized wellness life and medical health services

I, My Microbiome and My Gene
My Journey Begins Within Me

We extend lifespans by pinpointing and tackling diseases through
advanced genetic analysis.

Personalized Bioscience for Longevity
My Journey Begins Within Me

We commit to boosting health and wellbeing by advocating for
preventive healthcare based on research and solid evidence.


IomGene, leveraging Next-Generation Sequencing, offers a comprehensive range of biotech solutions including diagnostic reagents
and kits for research, medical, and consumer needs, aiming to be your go-to partner for personalized health and wellness.
  • Receive detailed service quotes within 24 hours of inquiry.
  • Detailed guidance for white label kit production upon request.
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  • Clinical Service

    Liquid Biopsy

  • Analysis Service

    Collection Kit &
    Lab Supplies

  • Laboratory Information
    Management System

    White Label Kit


Personalized Bioscience For Longevity
  • Genome Diagnostics & Molecular Medicine Analysis Services.

    Our team of genomics, genetics, and microbiome experts delivers cutting-edge testing and consulting to advance precision edicine and meet specific research objectives.
  • Liquid Biopsy Service

    Using NGS in our CLIA Lab, we conduct UTI and cancer panel liquid biopsies, overseeing the process from collection to QA/QC under our Laboratory director’s supervision.
  • Sample Collection Kit & Lab Supplies

    We innovate in biotech with advanced reagent and container solutions, providing eco-friendly options for reagents, kits, and lab consu mables across various fields.
  • White Label Kit Development & Manufacture

    Offering a range of DNA extraction kits and microbiome test kits, our 100% Made in Korea products adhere to strict quality standards, with scalable production capabilities.
  • White Label Probiotics & Supplement Manufacturing

    Specializing in white label manufacturing of probiotics and supplements, we ensure professional, reliable service with quick turnaround times for both small and large orders.
  • Customized LIMS

    AccuLIMS enhances lab efficiency with a tailored database for experimentation and analysis, offering custom development to fulfill our clients' specific needs.


  • 1.Global Lab Network 화살표
  • 2.Technical Expertise & Know-How 화살표
  • 3.In-House Production Precision 화살표
  • 4.Services Across Markets 화살표
  • 5.Custom Bio-Business Solutions 화살표
  • 6.Creating Future Value 화살표
  • Global Lab Network

    We have a CLIA and COLA-certified lab where experts manage every stage of experimentation, ensuring accurate results and strict adherence to standards.
  • Technical Expertise & Know-How

    Leading in preventive medicine by changing the treatment paradigm through genetic testing, microbiome analysis, and custom medicine development, with a team of medical and molecular diagnostics experts.
  • In-House Production Precision

    Providing a total solution from basic reagents to various diagnostic kits, covering research, diagnostic kits, and analysis for accurate diagnoses.
  • Services Across Markets

    We contribute to the hope of humanity for living a healthy and long life by providing products and services in the preventive medicine market, the genetic analysis market, and solutions products.
  • Custom Bio-Business Solutions

    Offering customizable products and services to meet client or partner needs, with a platform capable of delivering total solutions from A to Z.
  • Creating Future Value

    Owning laboratories in Korea and the US, excelling in diverse sample collection and response capabilities globally.


Utilizing world-class technology,
We achieve exceptional performance through continuous innovation.
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CLIA Lab, COLA Certified Lab Operations
IomGene Laboratory is founded by leading experts in Genomics and Genetics,
dedicated to offering advanced next-generation testing services that enhance
precision medicine. Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of molecular
diagnostics technologies, including PCR, Next-Generation Sequencing, and Microarrays,
catering to the diverse needs of clinical settings.
Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously advance in research,
technology, and quality standards, ensuring we deliver exceptional, state-of-the-art clinical laboratory science and services.